Restaurants in Ardèche

The excellence of products!

In the land rich in natural produce, the chestnut has been strongly linked with the Ardeche landscapes and history for centuries. This king of fruits was awarded AOP status, which signifies not only a level of French quality but also the precise area where it is produced.
A wide range of other flavours also carry the AOP label: olives and olive oils from Southern Ardeche, truffle, saffron… Products to delight the taste buds!
Labels and quality brands such as AOP, IGP, ‘Goûtez l’Ardèche’ and ‘Etapes savoureures’ help both visitors and inhabitants of Ardeche to explore local gastronomy and producers.
The Ardeche gastronomy links tradition, produce and amazing culinary specialties! In bistros and brasseries, traditional inns and Michelin-starred restaurants, local chefs are real taste ambassadors who highlight the products from the terroir. In Ardeche, life is full of taste experiences!