Vogüé is a village in Ardèche famous for its castle, medieval houses, paved streets, stone arches, and high limestone cliffs dominating the Ardèche river.

Vogüé, one of the most beautiful french villages

The village of Vogüé is built in a majestic cliff overlooking the river Ardèche. Vogüé is made of many small narrow streets. The houses are old and most of them date from the Middle Ages.
Like any medieval city in the world, the paved streets lead to a splendid castle.

Vogüé merits its status as one of the most beautiful villages in France.


le Château de Vogüé

Overlooking the river Ardèche, the castle of Vogüé under a high and wide calcareous cliff on the top of which a chapel stands.
The castle of Vogüé is an old fortress, whose reconstruction dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries.
A descendant of the Vogüé has bought the castle in 1840, to renovate it after the damage endured during the French Revolution.

The beautiful Château de Vogüé is open to the public and frequently hosts temporary exhibitions. From its hanging gardens, the panorama is splendid.


Vogüé, a vibrant village

Vogüé is a lively village, especially in summer, many tourists enjoy terraces and swimming in the river or relaxing on the beach of Vogüé. You can also canoe kayak there.
Every Monday morning in summer, the Vogüé market is a nice attraction.