The source intermittente

A geyser in the heart of Ardèche

As incredible as it seems, a real geyser naturally springs up 4 times a day, in the heart of Vals-les-Bains. Every six hours, a spring can be observed to slowly emerge from the ground, then transform into a jet more or less powerful depending on the day. La source intermittente attests to the extraordinary richness of the subsoil activity in Vals-les-Bains.

A rare natural phenomenon

This natural phenomenon is the interaction of several elements: a gas tank that pressurizes the water, and a water tank.
The power of the jet varies from day to day and sometimes the water column can exceed 15 metres ! With each spurt, nearly 800 litres of water come out of the earth. A rare natural process that surprises many spectators gathered around the Intermittent Source every day.

The Intermittent Source springs up every 6 hours.
Winter Schedules: 4h30 – 10h30 – 16h30 – 22h30.
Summer Hours: 5h30 – 11h30 – 17h30 – 23h30.