The Ray Pic waterfall

La cascade du Ray-Pic is the most famous waterfall in Ardèche and one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Massif Central.

This natural waterfall located in Péreyres, near Lachamp-Raphaël, is also classified as a volcanic natural site.

A magnificent spectacle

At an altitude of 700 m, the river La Bourges flows through an old lava flow and falls 60 m in two successive falls. The first waterfall is about 25 meters high and the second more than 35 meters high!

At the foot of the waterfall, crystal water flows through a few gourds before rushing into the abrupt valley of La Bourges.
Around the waterfall, the majestic sight of a wild and preserved mountain. Each season, the decor varies, the colours change and the light gives a different shine to the falls of the Cascade du Ray-Pic.


Ray-Pic : volcanic waterfall

The Ray Pic waterfall is also known as an exceptional natural volcanic site. A few thousand years ago, the Ray Pic volcano was in full activity and spilled its lava intensely, until it formed one of the longest lava flows in Europe. Indeed, the basalt flow emerging at Ray-Pic extends over 20 kilometres!
Lovers of volcanism and geology will appreciate the beauty of the basalt organs on either side of the waterfall.

Visiting la Cascade du Ray-Pic

Access to the Ray-Pic waterfall is easy, by the D215 from Lachamp-Raphaël or Burzet.

A belvedere has been set up to admire the view of the Ray-Pic waterfall from the road. But a path leads down to the waterfall in less than 15 minutes of walking. Swimming at the foot of the Ray-Pic waterfall is prohibited, for safety reasons, but this walk will provide you an amazing spectacle .