Nestled on a cliff above the Ardèche, Balazuc is one of the most beautiful villages in Ardèche, and also one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Balazuc, one of the most beautiful french villages

Balazuc is made of little streets lined with old stone houses and pretty vaults .The village is built on a site occupied since the Neanderthals, then much later the Celts, and then by the Romans. But the village still retains traces of the Middle Ages: with a 11th century dungeon, a Roman church , and typical fortifications of a medieval city.

The church of Balazuc

The Roman church of Balazuc dating from the 12th century. Its particularity is a nave with a Provencal bell tower, called “bell tower-comb”.

The tower can be visited and on the top the panorama is absolutely splendid !

Balazuc in summer

In summer, Balazuc is a lively and festive village. You can enjoy a meal on terraces and visit the craftsmen’s house, where you can see art craftwork, pottery, jewellery and local products.