Aubenas, historical center

A city of history and the cultural capital of the Ardèche, Aubenas is a must during your stay in Ardèche.

THE CASTLE – Historical Monument

It’s the most beautiful example of ardèche architecture. Started in the 12th century with the building of the main
tower, it was slowly transformed through the influence of its different owners (the families of Montlaur, Maubec,
Modene, d’Ornano, and Vogüé) who each modified the building according to the era. You will discover its
mullioned windows, its spiral staircase, turrets and varnished tiled roof. Listed as heritage in 1943. Exhibitions
are held in the castle throughout the year.

Aubenas Castle


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Jewel of the religious architecture in Aubenas. It is the old chapel of a Benedictine convent (12th century) and it
is known for its six-sided tower capped with an imposing dome that dates back to the 18th century. During the
French Revolution, this building was used as a grain storage. Listed as heritage in 1944.


On this site was built the Sainte Dominique church in the 13th century. It was destroyed during the Religious
Wars and reconstructed in 1612 with the aid of Maria de Medici. The interior features woodwork that date to
the 18th century and the Saint-Clair Chapel to the 15th century (Chapelle des martyrs). The façade is a 19th
century addition.