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Published on 26 August 2020


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The “Pays d’Aubenas-Vals-Antraigues” is a true paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. Nature is beautiful, wild, mysterious … and there are plenty of ways to discover it.
Fresh air, wild water, great landscapes, strong emotions, … a thousand ways to experience the Ardèche !


Aven d'Orgnac,

Geological wonders lay under our feet and we give you the chance to explore them in complete safety, accompanied by
Crossing of the many underground caves can be done walking, climbing or even crawling.
As you explore by the light of your forehead lamp, magnificent crystalline concretions will be revealed: drapes,
stalactites, stalagmites… they have been patiently shaped by nature over thousands of years.
Accessible to young and old.



Cayoning in th Besorgues River

The principle of canyoning is to follow the river bed and to thwart the obstacles created by nature, always
in a playful way and in the company of an experienced guide, of course. Jumping in the basins dug by the
torrents, sliding on the natural slides or abseiling down near the waterfalls… nothing will stop you and you will
go from one surprise to the next.
There is a wide variety of canyon descents, for all levels.
The least technical water ride will also bring its share of sensations and laughter: short walks, small jumps, sliding and swimming, it is very suitable for families and accessible to almost everyone.

Hiking sports

The climate is mild here in all seasons and nature is beautiful and full of surprises.
At the bend of each path, imagine the rustling of leaves, the birds singing , the variegated vegetation, the breathtaking sights… Mother Nature will not leave you indifferent, that’s for sure!

Hiking on the Champ de Mars


Climbing, Via corda, Via ferrata

A bit of overachievement, a pinch of adrenaline and some air!… that is what awaits you if you try climbing.
On boulders, on cliffs or for an abseiling descent, there are many sites here for all levels in a preserved natural environment. They will definitely become your favourite playgrounds. With the via corda or the via ferrata, we also guarantee you the exhilaration of heights but with verticality this time…
The concept: moving along the cliff on one of the many sports courses equipped with anchoring points, developed in our region. Of course always completely safe and accompanied by your guide.

Via Corda at Rocher de l'Aigle


Horse riding & Hiking with donkeys

Riding alone, with a team or rides in the countryside with donkeys, these are the ideal leisure activities for young and old !



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